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I am pleased to say that we applied to Carleton University’s internal Multidisciplinary Research Catalyst Fund for funding to lay …

Phew This year has been challenging, to say the least. At the same time, a virtual lab should be well positioned to handle the …

Programs and Problems The next step in my research would include attempting to mod Minecraft to suite my needs. While I was doing …

The challenge of adapting the open-source SimCity port, Micropolis, to a historic setting is that it’s a semi-realist game taking place …

Games situated in Ancient Rome tend be concentrated in the turn-based battle strategy game genre, but what if instead the game focused …


Hate 2.0 - History in Real Time

Exploring how historical thinking can inform civic opposition to neo-Nazism and the far right


Modding the Past

Sites of Sanctuary

Exploring the History of Sanctuary Across Time and Space

Computational Creativity and Archaeological Data

Exploring the creative reuse of legacy archaeological data to generate new insights. A subproject of the SSHRC-funded Computational …

Epoiesen: A Journal for Creative Engagement in History and Archaeology

ἐποίησεν (epoiesen)- made - is a journal for exploring creative engagement with the past, especially through digital means. It …


The smallest historical units - a subproject of Matt Milner’s Nanohistory project, exploring museum collecting histories

The Bone Trade

Studying the trade in human remains on social media using computer vision




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Shawn Graham

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While traders of human remains on Instagram will give some indication, their best estimate, or repeat hearsay, regarding the geographic …

It is possible to purchase human remains via Instagram. We present an experiment using computer vision and automated annotation of over …

This article represents the next step in our ongoing effort to understand the online human remains trade, how, why and where it exists …

There is an active trade in human remains facilitated by social media sites. In this paper we ask: can machine learning detect visual …

There is a thriving trade, and collector community, around human remains that is facilitated by posts on new social media such as …