Getting Started

An Idea

It occurred to me that there are many student and faculty digital history projects going on around the History Department, but we do not actually speak to one another formally about this work. There are haphazard meetings in hallways and corridors going to and from class, but no real place where people could talk about their work, share resources, hints, tips, kvetch or otherwise collaborate. I thought then I might try to create a virtual space for that to happen; this is the result.

The idea is that students or faculty could post updates here about their work - not just things that went well, or the kind of promo-speak that we find on official university websites, but more the nuts-and-bolts, the productive fails, the memos-to-self that people make when they find a way of getting the machine to do their bidding. I am looking at putting some sort of wiki into this as well, so we don’t have to re-invent the wheel each time we find a new program, a new short cut, a place on campus that can be prevailed on for help etc. I’m thinking too of building a shared Zotero library so that we can pool our bibliographic research as well.

But first things first: I gotta get this damned website working the way I imagine it.

On which note: this site uses the Academic theme built using Hugo and automatically built/deployed via Netlify. When updates don’t seem to happen, go to the netlify dashboard, check the deploy logs for error messages. For instance, just now, I broke the menu.toml file which stopped the site from updating. D’oh!

Shawn Graham
Full Professor of Digital Humanities

Associate Professor of Digital Humanities.