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Introducing the XLab Fellowship

Members of the XLab are working on a wide variety of materials and topics. This Fellowship is intended to give students an opportunity to work on these projects, to learn from each other, and to be part of the life of the Department of History. The 2019 Fellows will be announced on Friday September 20.


  • interest in and desire to learn more about the intersection of digital technologies and history, cultural heritage, archaeology, etc
  • Enrolled at Carleton University;
  • successful completion of History 2809: The Historian’s Craft or similar methods course;
  • a GPA suitable to the student’s standing and maturation as a scholar.

Duration and value:

The Fellowship will require approximately 4 hrs / wk over a 12 week term. The value of the award will be $750.

What you will learn, and what you will do:

You do not need to be technology-savvy in order to apply for or hold this Fellowship; the whole point is to help you develop your digital skills by working on real research in the context of projects being pursued by Faculty, and to help Faculty move their own research projects forward. There may be opportunities for working with museums or members of the broader community on various projects.


Students who hold this Fellowship will be required to blog weekly about their research during their tenure as Fellows. When the XLab holds events, Fellows are normally expected to attend and participate.

Shawn Graham
Associate Professor of Digital Humanities

Associate Professor of Digital Humanities.