a modern city on ancient lines?

George Garth Graham Undergraduate Digital History Research Fellows Named

Dr. Graham is pleased to announce that the GRF has been awarded to two outstanding History students, Chantal Brousseau and Elise Anderson. Chantal is a second year student with a minor in Computer Science. In previous course work, Chantal has designed online exhibitions concerning the Hudson’s Bay Company and the textile trade, and has done research into the history of women’s dress in 19th century London. Elise is a fourth year student also with a minor in Computer Science. She was recently an intern as part of a co-op experience with an international development research centre in Ottawa, using and developing social media to promote the work of the research centre. Chantal and Elise will be working with Dr. Graham to help develop the simRomanCity project, looking at simulation of ancient urbanism, with an eye towards building teaching materials around the simulation.

More information about the Graham Research Fellowship is at http://grahamresearchfellow.org.

Shawn Graham
Associate Professor of Digital Humanities

Associate Professor of Digital Humanities.