The machine trying to explain what it sees.

Computational Creativity and Archaeological Data

Through the machines we employ, we are able to stretch our imaginations into new worlds, to ask new questions and find new solutions to old problems” - Rose Ferraby, ‘Geophysics: Creativity and the Archaeological Imagination’

This project is my contribution to the larger CRANE - Computational Research in the Ancient Near East project. With my research students, we are exploring ways we can creatively reuse legacy archaeological data (whether from the Ancient Near East or elsewhere) to generate new insights, new inspirations, new enchantments.

Sara Perry writes,

I believe archaeology can change the world for the better through its inherent and highly distinctive capacity to generate wonder and enchantment among human beings. […] I believe we can deliberately weave affective practices into all aspects of our archaeological methodologies and project designs, therein offering us a more contextual and dynamic model for doing, recording, interpreting, publicising and archiving archaeology.

And I think she’s right.

Led by Shawn Graham

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